This Song Will Save Your Life – by Leila Sales – book review

This Song Will Save Your Life is probably one of the most relatable story I have ever read.

this song will save your life

This Song Will Save Your Life is about a girl names Elise.

She wants to fit in, she want to be cool. She’s willing to do anything to be liked, whether it be changing herself or filling herself up with information of what the “popular” people like.

She tried everything she can to fit in, but everything just falls to pieces.

Her social life may have just gotten worse, it seemed impossible, but it did.

One night, she has stumbled into a secret underground dance club and now she has been opened up to this whole new world she never even knew existed. She has found who she truly is and what she can really do.

Non-spoilery review: (To be read by people who have not read the book)

I can relate to it in the sense of not having as much friends as I wish I had.

There was a year in middle school that I pretended to like the things that people have liked, but I never found too much of a liking to these things. All I wanted to do was read books.

I wouldn’t say I’ve tried everything, and I wouldn’t say my attempts completely failed, but I got somewhere.

I found music. I found good music. I found music that I actually liked and didn’t have to pretend I liked. I did not find a secret underground dance party, like she did, but I did find music.

Besides being able to relate to it, I did really enjoy the plot. There are a few parts that I’m not a real big fan of, but there are so many good parts that the bad parts are overshadowed.

The transitioning from the story to the conclusion was a bit awkward, but it’s not something I completely hated, so it wasn’t too bad.

There are 2-3 chapters before the last chapter that I just sort of did not find particularly well written.

So overall, just under 5 chapters that I did not completely enjoy.

If you can, there is a list of recommended music at the last page of the book, listen to those 50 songs before and/or whist reading the book.

Spoilery Review: (To be read by people who have read the book)

I didn’t just find music, I found talent. Elise has found that she has a natural talent for DJing, I have found that what I really like to do, is not just listen to music, but also perform it.

I’ve always enjoyed music and playing music, but it was always just for me, myself, and I. I never would’ve thought that I would like performing, but I do.

This school year, I signed up to put myself in band class. I thought I was just going to learn music, but whilst I was learning music, I was also learning myself.

I’ve always played music, but it was nothing but just fun and to fill in silence at home. I never saw myself going anywhere with music, but I have found what I can really do. I’ve discovered just how high I can really sing. I’ve discovered how many songs I can learn all at once. Best of all, I’ve discovered people who love music just as much, if not more, than I do.

The bathroom scene in the beginning of the story, did not feel real. It felt almost sarcastic to me.

As someone who struggles with self-harming (been clean for a long time now though) I thought I could relate, but I didn’t. I felt that the author did not capture how someone would really feel in that moment.

It felt very unreal for a lot of the parts in the book. I know it’s a work of fiction and it’s not real, but the reason I keep on reading is because it feels real.

Many books encompass this feeling of being real, but this book didn’t do a very good job in the realism.

I have read some reviews of some people claiming that she’s complainy and very judgemental. I agree with what they’re saying, but it added a sort of realism. I know I said it didn’t feel real in the last passage, but this was the realest thing that was in the book, was her thoughts. I have almost the same exact thinking as she has, and that’s why it was easy to see myself in her and understand her better. I would’ve done the exact same things as she did in most scenarios of the book.

My favorite thing about this book though is Elise’s character development.

My favorite line, or should I say lines is from Vicky near  the ending of the book.

It’s not worth it. Sure high school sucks sometimes. Some people will mess with you, whenever they want, and for no reason except that they can. But hurting yourself is giving those people all the power, and they don’t deserve it. Why would they deserve to have control over your life? Because they’re cool? Because they’re pretty? That’s completely illogical.”

I rated it a 4 out of 5 stars.

I highly recommend it.

Definitely one of my favorites.

– Princess Diana


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