The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom – book review

In the earlier post, I said that I lost all my reviews, and I managed to find one through another social media site that I shared this review on so woohoo. Here is one of my old reviews.


“When hope is gone, time is a punishment”

My friend made me borrow this book and I thought that was pretty cool because I never really borrowed a book before. She told me that I would like it because it’s my favorite genre, but it became more than that to me in the end. I realize after I read it that this book was so much more than just a book to me, it was hope.


This is a story of three people: Dor (Father Time), Victor Delamonte (A dying cancer patient) and Sarah Lemon (A suicidal teenager). It’s told in a third person point of view, which usually would be hard for me to read, but Mitch Albom writes in a way that writing in third person just makes sense, it’s the only logical thing to do.

Dor was the first person who kept time, and as a punishment for ensuing the start of time keeping, he was quarantined in a cave with no means of escape. He is not aging anymore. He was forced to hear people’s cry of ‘more time’ or ‘slow down time’,any  complaints about time.

After being in that cave for over 6000 years, he was sent out on a mission. He was to save these two people, one who wanted to live forever and one who wanted to die. He was supposed to teach them how time is precious, we should not try exceed our time, or end our time.

Personal thoughts:

I felt like this book was given to me for a reason and I’ll never be able to forget this book. This book is forever seared into my memory.

Reading this book gave me hope again. It taught me that time is precious and I should treat it like that. It makes me want to live my days celebrating what the next day might bring and not be oblivious that some people do care. It might be hard for me to think they care, but I will remember them, even if there aren’t that many.

I think my friend knew exactly what she was giving to me because I told her of my personal thoughts and issues and I just love her even more. So I recommend giving this to someone who doesn’t quite treasure time or is wanting to live forever and believe me, they will remember a lot from this book. I’ve personally learned a lot from this adventure and I will never forget this book.

I gave this book a 5 out of 5 stars

Started: 31 January 2014       Finished: 31 January 2014

Happy Reading

“Ends are for yesterdays, not tomorrows”



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