The Hundred by Kass Morgan Book Review

I got excited when I saw that one of the ongoing shows that I’ve been following is actually from a novel.


I first saw the book when I was on holiday at the Philippines. I didn’t get the book at that time because there were other books that I thought would be better to buy or books I have wanted for quite a time that might be worthwhile to get. I saw the book again here in our bookstore and I just had to get it (and there was nothing else to buy in such a small little bookstore) so I did, I finally got it.


I read the book because I thought the show was like the book and that I can get ahead of the show and know what will happen next, oh but it wasn’t. It was the complete opposite.

The TV series is very intriguing and just knows what their doing, but the book, the book was just so boring and nothing was even happening for like the whole first half of the book. The second half picked up the pace but was still not interesting enough for me to really get into it. There were characters that were replaced for new ones on the show. The plot is barely that same. Friends-ish in the book are actually enemies in the show. Some people didn’t even exist in the TV series that were in the book.

The plot was so different from each other that I don’t even know which one to hate the book or the TV series. The TV series is completely different from the book but the book sucked enough that I might not even care.

After I read about half of the book, I was going to put it down because it really bored me, but I respect the author for writing a book, writing is not easy so I finished it just because she wrote it and I envy her for writing a novel. I can’t write, I’m not creative like that, so good for her.

Another thing I didn’t like was the multiple point of views. I just got so confused with so many point of views switching each chapter and how each chapter will have a flashback. The plot was really messy and unorganized and just had no idea what to do.

Of all the things I hate about this book, there is one thing I liked, but one thing only. I liked the last sentences from each of the chapters. Some of the last sentences just knows how to bundle itself up to express one feeling. Whether deep or not. Or encapsulate the crux of that chapter into sounding like a beautiful line of poetry.

” There was no drug strong enough to repair a broken heart.”

“She wouldn’t let her best friend join the chorus of ghost in her heads.”

If Kass Morgan knows how to do anything, it would be knowing how to end a chapter beautifully.

Overall I was just very disappointed in this book.

Started: 9 June 2014           Finished: 10 June 2014


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