Hello Internet

Hello. I am Princess Diana. This is my first post ever. And welcome to my blog.

Since this is my first ever post for this blog, I’d like to talk a little bit about this blog. What it’s about, what’s going to be in it, why it was built, etc.

So, I am a reader. I am a lover of books. I am a lover of stories. I am a lover of fictional worlds full of infinite possibilities. But I never really found anyone to talk to about books, authors, fictional characters, or about anything really. So, for a long time, I’ve been thinking of building up a blog. A posh, proper blog rather than tumblr. A blog where I can post original things and not just reblog it from another person. But, I was doubtful. I was doubtful that anyone would ever find me interesting. Doubtful that anyone would even follow this blog. Just doubtful of myself.

Since, I’m posting right now, obviously,  I’m not as doubtful anymore. I just thought to myself that if anything goes terribly bad I can just delete the blog or just never post on it again. And if it does get some readers than yay. All that doubt would have been for nothing. So I’m hoping this thing would work out. It’ll prove to me that I shouldn’t be doubting myself. It’ll boost up my self-esteem.

Currently, my blog still has .wordpress.com on its URL, but if things go really well on here, I’m going to invest in making it just .com and really make it much more posh.

That’s the story of how the blog got created. Now, I’ll tell you about what’s going to be in it. I’ve never actually seen too many book blogs, but I think I could manage. I’ll be posting some book reviews, books that I’ve been reading, some books I might have gotten, and maybe even my adventure in real world as well, because the real world determines a lot of how I read. If it’s a lazy day, I probably won’t read as much. If I was feeling sad, I’d probably be reading a lot more.

That’s the basics of what I’ll be posting, but as time goes on, there’ll probably more segments to my posts.

So, I hope you like these bookish posts and would possibly share it to your bookish friends as well.

Happy Reading.


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